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Zerto provides disaster recovery and business continuity solutions for virtualized data centers and cloud environments.


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“We were using array-based replication and being charged by terabyte. With Zerto Virtual Replication not only did we substantially reduce costs in terms of our storage, but we also increased the ROI on our VMware investment. ZVR has everything we need to effectively protect our production workloads – simple DR testing and application consistent recovery.”

Join us for a World Cup match and you could win big!

Join Zerto for a World Cup Match in London or Manchester! Plus, If you pick the World Cup champions, you could win a flat-screen TV!

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Brian Mitchell
Senior Server Engineer, ING Group

Game Details

  • 19th June – Uruguay vs England – Manchester – 8pm 
  • 19th June – Uruguay vs England – London – 8pm 
  • 24th June – Costa Rica vs England – Manchester – 5pm 
  • 24th June – Costa Rica vs England – London – 5pm 

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